About Us

“Doing Our Part to Profoundly Impact the Community”

Our story

The Bethel Enrichment Center was established as a 501c3 in 2010 by a group of men and women from Bethel Baptist Church Ministries who wanted to provide a safe haven for enriching the lives of our community’s citizens. This group formed to offer viable solutions to unmet needs in the community. Their mission was to make a profound impact in the community by establishing educational opportunities, providing crisis assistance, developing empowerment opportunities, and enticing the advantages of health & wellness.

Vision & Values

The Bethel Enrichment Center is a non-profit, multi-purpose organization, established in 2010 dedicated to providing emergency assistance, educational, recreational, and empowerment opportunities in a safe environment.

Crisis Assistance, Education, Recreation, and Empowerment are the needs of our community that the Bethel Enrichment Center takes pride in tackling on the ground floor. We feel as a Non-Profit that we can make our biggest impact improving these county needs.

Unique growth comes in the means of the Bethel Enrichment Center focusing harder on Education this year and enriching the lives of our children. We created a team that will place emphasis on the needs of 3 schools specifically; A L Brown High School, Shady Brook Elementary, and McKnight Head Start Program. We met with Kannapolis City Schools and they informed us of unmet needs or resources where we could be of assistance to them.

The Bethel Enrichment Center utilized creative thinking when we decided to start an intern program focusing on the skill set our youth are interested in pursuing. We allowed a couple of culinary students to shadow our Kitchen team when it came down to proper meal prep planning, time management, and actual on the job training. We will now provide this same training to our youth utilizing professionals during the Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast. Students will learn beside actual project managers, kitchen managers, accountants and others professionals regarding the work it takes to put on an event from start to finish.

Financial Adversity is always a part of a non-profit’s mainstream issues. We only operate on the monies gained via youth care and monies donated. We found that a way to overcome adversity and further our mission of empowering individuals is through partnering with and assisting outside programs. “A Look in the Mirror” is a program geared toward assisting girls ages 7-18. The program aims to improve the self- esteem and confidence of others through small group facilitation. They offer an eight-week self-esteem program fixated on inspiring girls to evoke a positive mentality and eliminate a harmful self-image. We have 13 girls currently utilizing the program.