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A Look in the Mirror

Your true self is closer than it appears.

Vision Statement: To transform others by inspiring people to evoke a positive mentality and eliminate harmful self-image.

Mission Statement: Promoting a positive self-image by unlearning negative behaviors that foster low self-esteem.

 A Look in the Mirror is a program that aims to improve the self-esteem and confidence of others through small group facilitation. We offer small group setting style workshops, mentorship and an eight week self-esteem program all centered around confidence, perception and much more. Our programs cater to all ages and we offer services across the Charlotte and surrounding areas. We care about how you see yourself and truly believe that your true self is closer than it appears! 

Contact: Ashley Hazell, 

(980) 288-7705

Operation Exposure

Evoke positive community-based change while educating youth on beneficial ways to build confidence.

Vision Statement: To educate youth on how to live more holistically

Mission Statement: To enlighten and expose minority youth through mentorship, knowledge, and altruistic decision making.

It is the brainchild of Morehouse graduate, River Lewis. Our program is year-round and the target audience is minority youth between the ages of 12-15. The goal of this non-profit is to serve as a mentorship program in efforts to encourage and expose youth to a world of possibilities . Their mental health is a priority, so honing mental, physical, and emotional alignment is essential. The idea is that the body follows the head. If we can engage and expose these young  men to activities that will help bring peace within themselves, then they will be better equipped to navigate the world with confidence.

Operation Exposure has three main areas that we build/create curriculum around to engage and aid youth in character development.  

Mental (Meditation, Literature, Leadership Development, Confidence/Team Building)

Physically/Emotionally (Communication, Exercise, Food Consumption, Yoga, Ta-Chi)

Spiritually (Nature and the world around them).

Body 4 god

For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple..

The body is a temple and our exercise program helps you create a body worthy of praise. Exercise classes are conducted on a weekly basis to assist with weight loss, proper eating habits, & r physical conditioning.  

Bec Scholarship

Doing our part to impact the student at a time.

It all began in 2005 when a few members of Bethel Baptist Church put their funds together to help one student go to school.  The desire to continue helping students remained, but no program existed to keep it going until 2009 when the Brian J Pierce Scholarship Program was established. Thereafter efforts began to raise funds ~ from our men’s and women’s organizations and through our  Golf Tourney, inspired by the Lyerly’s in 2010 which continues to generate scholarship dollars.

We recognize the importance of education, which is why our vision is to assist graduating high school seniors attend an institution of higher learning.

For more information on the Bethel Enrichment Center Scholarship Program, please visit: